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Landfill gas power generation

Technology introduction

Landfill gas is the gas produced from the organic matter among the garbage in the landfill through microbial decomposition. Its main composition is methane and carbon dioxide. The greenhouse effect produced by per cubic meter of methane is 21 times that produced by carbon dioxide.

Landfill gas recovery and utilization technology is the technology that, by digging the landfill gas collecting wells in the landfill, collects landfill gas as fuel for the gas generator unit and then gains access to electricity. The Company has successfully developed the landfill gas pretreatment module as well as the mathematical model and evaluation method of forecasting gas production in engineering application, which can effectively solve the adverse effects of the landfill gas on the operating life and reliability of the generator unit; and uses the gas production forecasting model to forecast gas production based on different regions, different waste compositions and different filling time.

The technology is mainly used in large and medium-sized sanitary landfill sites. While obtaining power generation income and CDM emission reduction benefits, the investor can effectively solve the pollution caused by landfill site to the surrounding environment.

Technology components

A typical landfill gas recovery and utilization project generally includes: biogas collection system, biogas purification system, power generation system, waste heat recovery system and central control system.

System principle

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