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Biogas power generation

Technology introduction

The waste water and waste residues produced in the production process are pretreated to reach the condition of anaerobic digestion. The resulted biogas is used for power generation. Through drying processing, the anaerobic residues are transformed into powder organic fertilizer for sale.
The fine material pretreatment system greatly improves the efficiency of the bio-degradation of raw materials and reduces the possibility of the fouling and clogging of the reactor.
In the highly efficient mixing system, the tank body is equipped with a rotary cutting blade type spiral stirring device, which solves the problem of uneven heat and mass transfer of fermentation materials.
Through strict process control and operation monitoring, the reflux flow quantity of biogas slurry is controlled and improved, and the inhibition effect of the recycling process on the gas production system is reduced.

Main application and advantages

This technology is the most suitable for application in large and medium-sized livestock and poultry farms, citric acid factories, breweries, sugarhouse, paper mills, printing and dyeing factories, leather manufactory and other enterprises which produce organic waste and organic sewage. Organic waste and waste water produce biogas through anaerobic process, which is used as the fuel for the generator unit. While generating power, the waste heat of the generator unit can be recovered to increase anaerobic temperature, to accelerate anaerobic process and to improve system efficiency.
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