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The natural gas trigeneration project of Shanghai Tower

Completion time:August 2015
Business model:EPC general contracting
Project overview:
Shanghai Tower, located at the core of Lujiazui in Shanghai, is 632 meters tall, with a total construction area of 576,000 square meters, integrating with five major functions including office, hotel, business, entertainment and conference. Upon its completion, it will become a landmark building in Pudong’s Lujiazui Financial City and an important carrier of the financial service industry in Shanghai. "Shanghai Tower" is the world's first green super high-rise building with dual certification. It takes China's green building evaluation system and American LEED green building certification system as the standards. Shanghai Tower introduces the distributed energy system in the form of contracting energy management. SMDERI wholly-owned holding Company provides the service of distributed energy supply system in the whole life cycle, provides the energy used for air conditioning, boiler and electric power for 5 floors underground and 7 floors above ground at the lower part of Shanghai Tower, with a total energy supply area of 279,700 square meters, and, together with other ice cool storage, boilers and electric refrigerating units of Shanghai Tower, constitutes the energy center of Shanghai Tower.

Process routes:
2×1165kW gas internal combustion generator unit+2×840kW plate heat exchanger+2×1047kW hot water operated lithium bromide unit The main technical and economic indicators:
In heat supply:2419200kWh
On cooling capacity:8208480 kWh
Annual utilization hours:不低于5360小时
Total utilization:81.4%

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