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The natural gas trigeneration project of Shanghai Hongqiao Public Affairs Center

Completion time:2010
Business model:EPC general contracting
Project overview:
The building of Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub Public Affairs Center is one of the first batch of building developed in the core area of Hongqiao Business District. It was put into use in 2010, with a floor area of about 28,000 square meters. The construction site of the project was located in the machine room on the 2nd floor underground of the building of Hongqiao Integrated Transport Hub Public Affairs Center. The construction site of the project was originally the parking garage, where the space was narrow and the layout was difficult. The designers of MicroPowers Ltd. gave full play to their design level, reasonably arranged the equipment in the narrow space, and conducted process optimization design, occupying a land area of only 272 square meters. The installed capacity of the project was two 227kW natural gas internal combustion engine generator units. The System was connected with the distribution system and air conditioning system of the building in the way of "grid connected but not on the grid", meeting the needs of the building for electricity as well as cold and hot load. The building was evaluated as "three-star green building" in 2011.

Process routes:
2×227kW gas internal combustion generator unit+2×256kW hot water operated lithium bromide unit

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