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Natural gas combined heat and power project in Huaxia Hotel

Completion time:November 2005
Business model:EPC general contracting
Project overview:
Huaxia Hotel is located in No. 38 Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, adjacent to Caohejing High-tech Development Zone, and close to Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center. It is a three-star foreign-related hotel, running business since 1988. The main building of the Hotel had 29 floors above ground and 2 floors underground, with a floor area of 35,266 square meters, a building height of 94 meters, a cooling and heating area of 27,280 square meters and a total of 395 guest rooms. The Hotel originally had three 4t/h coal burning boilers for heat supply (two of them in service and one in reserve), which produced steam pressure 0.6MPa-0.8MPa that was directly supplied to two steam lithium bromide chillers through the pipeline. Another pipeline of steam pressure was reduced to 0.4MPa for heating, laundry room, kitchen and other living heat energy. Originally, there were two 10kV high-voltage incoming lines (one of them in service and one in reserve) and two 800KVA transformers. Usually, two transformers were in service and one in reserve. All electric loads were supplied by the municipal power grid. There was no generator unit in reserve. After 2004, Shanghai Municipal Government requires that the coal burning boilers within the Inner Ring should be changed into natural gas to reduce pollution. The owner entrusted the Company to prepare the natural gas cogeneration plan, to complete the feasibility demonstration and to undertake project design and construction. The project was completed and put into use in November, 2015. The project was named Shanghai Distributed Energy System of Natural Gas demonstration project in 2011.

Process routes:
2×240kW gas internal combustion engine+2×181kW cylinder liner water heat exchanger+107kW flue gas water heat exchanger

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