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Natural gas combined cooling, heating and power supply for the office and living buildings of a research institute

Completion time:December 2010
Business model:EPC general contracting
Project overview:
The construction site of the project was located in Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shanghai. The total floor area of the office and living buildings was 26,954.3 square meters, including 16,404.2 square meters of office building, 7,541.2 square meters of living building and 3,008.9 square meters of underground garage. The total power distribution capacity of the buildings was 2×1600 KVA transformer. The main objects of electrical load were the lighting, power and air conditioning of the office and living areas. Among others, the electrical load of the air conditioning accounted for more than 50%. The objects of hot water use mainly included the hostels, restaurants and offices which need the sanitary hot water. The daily demand was about 30 tons. The air conditioning of the main body of the building adopted multiple separate natural gas heat pump units. The fresh air system adopted combined air conditioner absorption type cold and hot water units.

This project was the most typical trigeneration distributed energy system with the functions of combined cooling, heating and power supply, integrating with three different models of machines such as internal combustion engine, external combustion engine and gas turbine. This was initiative in China. At present, there are few such cases in foreign countries. The Company undertook the construction of project in the form of EPC. The project was completed and put into use by the end of 2010.

Process routes:
1×SMDERI350kW gas engine+1×323kW gas engine+1×50kW Natural gas Stirling engine+1×30kW micro-turbine+1×210kW cylinder liner heat recovery exchanger+1×261kW cylinder liner heat recovery exchanger+1×90kW Stirling engine heat recovery exchanger+1×50kW flue gas heat exchanger
The main technical and economic indicators:
On generator set running time:3300h
Annual generation capacity:959MWh

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