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Chuandong Farm sewage biogas cogeneration project

Completion time:April 2008
Business model:EPC general contracting
Project overview:
Chuandong Farm was located in Dafeng City in Jiangsu Province. It had built a large-sized modern pig farm. Every year, 20,000 pigs became full grown and ready for slaughter; the number of sows, boars and pork pigs on hand were about 10,000. About 20 tons of pig manure and 80-100 tons of sewage were produced per day.

This project conducted anaerobic digestion of manure to produce biogas, used biogas to generate electricity, used the waste heat to keep warm for anaerobic process and piggery, and, in the meantime, used the resulted marsh fertilizer to irrigate the farmland surrounding Chuandong Farm, realized waste reduction, harmless and recycling treatment as well as the comprehensive utilization of energy, achieved the purpose of environmental governance, and improve the economic benefits of Chuandong Farm.

Process routes:
1×60kW gas internal combustion generator unit+1×50kW gas Stirling engine generator unit+biogas pretreatment system+biogas power generation and grid connected control system+waste heat utilization system
余热供热量:482400 kWh

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