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Project of comprehensive utilization of biogas in Donghai Berewery

Completion time:October 2006
Business model: EPC general contracting
Project overview:
Shanghai Donghai Berewery Co., Ltd. is located in Zhangyan Town in Jinshan District, with an annual output of 160,000 tons of beer. A large amount of waste water is produced in the process of beer production, which needs to be treated before it can be discharged. Generally speaking, there are two ways to treat such waste water: anaerobic treatment and aerobic treatment. The way adopted by Dongfang Sea Beer Co., Ltd. was anaerobic treatment. A large amount of biogas generated in the treatment process was directly emitted, which not only polluted the atmosphere, but also wasted the energy. The project was to process the biogas which produced in the sewage treatment process of the Donghai Berewery Co., Ltd., and then transfer it to the generator unit to generate power. Every year, the emissions of 200,000 cubic meters of biogas can be reduced and RMB 240,000 electricity fees can be saved. While the greenhouse gas emissions were reduced, considerable economic benefits were created. The project was rated as a model of environmental governance in Jinshan District.

Process routes:
Two 2×1700m3 anaerobic towers+ biogas pretreatment device+80kW gas internal combustion engine

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