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SY350G Gas internal combustion engine generator unit

Product appearance


a、High power generation efficiency: The engine shaft end 41.5%, power generation end 39.3%
b、Low emission: NOx<200ppm(O20%)
c、High system integration: All in one system (mature system integration)

Main models and parameters

SY350G Gas engine generator unit, through the introduction of Japanese Yanmar engine technology, is manufactured, assembled and shipped in Shanghai by SMDERI of CSIC.

Type SY350G
Rated power of the generator unit kW 350
Speed of rotation Rpm 1500
Gas exhaust temperature 375
Allowable exhaust back pressure kPa 3.9
Flue gas emission Nm3/h 1800
Fuel heat loss kJ/kWh 9160
Rate of lubricating oil consumption g/kWh 0.3
Power generation efficiency(ISO) % 39.3
Bore / stroke mm/mm 155/180
Cylinder liner water return / Outlet water temperature 86.6/94.2
Cylinder liner water volume m3/h 0.155
Power output voltage kV 0.38
Frequency Hz 50
Net weight of the generator unit Kg 14400
Vibration resistance standard (horizontal vibration degree) ≦ 1.0 G
Vibration resistance standard (vertical vibration degree) ≦ 0.5 G
Overall dimensions of the generator unit mm 7900*2300*3630

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