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Gas purification processing module

1、Necessity of purification processing

Gas internal combustion engine generator unit can use waste landfill gas, biogas, methane gas, coking gas and other combustible gas to generate power. Such kind of combustible gas is mixed gas. Its main composition is methane (or carbon monoxide, hydrogen); secondly, it also contains carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, saturated water vapor and high carbon hydrocarbon (from ethane C2H6 to heptane C7H16); sometimes, it also contains Nitrogen, oxygen, tar, siloxane, halogenated hydrocarbons, solid particles and other impurities.

Because the combustible gas contains above impurities and its flow, pressure, temperature, concentration and others are not stable, if it is directly used for the gas internal combustion engine to generate power, it will certainly cause the corrosion, grinding, blockage of the internal combustion engine as well as other problems. Therefore, before it is used, the combustible gas must be purified to solve the above problems.

2、Functions of purification processing system

Based on the requirements of the gas internal combustion engine generator unit on gas sources, the gas purification processing system (basic type) designed by the Company has pressure boost, pressure stabilization, temperature regulation, dust removal, dehydration and other functions. If the gas source contains high hydrogen sulfide, tar, chlorinated hydrocarbons, siloxane, oil, high carbon hydrocarbon and other impurities, the Company also has relevant function modules for options.

3、Main technical parameters of the purification processing system

The main technical parameters of the gas purification processing system designed by the Company are as follows:



Design value

Main functions

Processing gas flow rate

Nm 3/h
Nm 3/h


Up to 5000

The highest temperature



Temperature regulation

Maximum temperature change gradient



Temperature regulation control




Roots blower pressure booster

Maximum pressure change gradient



PLC+ Frequency converter control voltage regulator

Maximum relative humidity



Freezing water removal


* * Select deep freeze function

Maximum dust particle size



Dust removal by filtration

Maximum dust *

mg/ Nm3CH4


Dust removal by filtration

Maximum H2S capacity



* * Select desulfurization function

Highest ammonia content

mg/ Nm3CH4


* * Select desulfurization function

Silicon compounds

mg/ Nm3CH4


* * Select de-silicone function

4、Characteristics of the purification processing system

Adopting explosion-proof design, being equipped with explosion-proof motor;
Having the functions of alarming the excessive oxygen or shutting down the machine;
Having the function of alarming too low methane content;
Having the function of alarming gas leakage;
Having the function of detecting and alarming smoke;
Being equipped with the flame arrester。

②Unitized design:
The system is composed of a refrigeration unit, a pressure boost unit and a heat exchange unit. The refrigeration unit uses the industrial water chiller unit; the pressure boost unit uses the Roots blower unit; the heat exchange unit ensures that the gas temperature is not more than 40℃. The PLC control unit imported Germany conducts visualized control on the scene.

③Economical efficiency:
Using variable frequency control technology, reducing power consumption and operating costs;
Implementing unattended operation, saving labor costs;
Long system overhaul interval, low maintenance costs;
Adopting overall prizing type design, saving transportation, installation and commissioning costs

May select the desulfurization module according to the gas source;
May select the de siloxane module according to the gas source;
May select other modules according to the gas source。

5、System application areas

Landfill gas -- waste sanitary landfill site;
Urban sewage gas -- urban sewage treatment plant;
Livestock manure gas -- poultry and livestock farms;
Industrial organic waste gas -- alcohol plant, starch plant and chemical fiber plant, etc.;
Crop straw gas -- centralized treatment of crops;
Coal mine gas -- coal mine。

6、Application Examples

Fuzhou Hongmiaoling landfill gas power generation system (prizing type)Changchun Sandao landfill gas power generation project pretreatment system (container type)

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