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In order to give full play to the role of Stirling engine research and development team in engineering research and development, scientific and technological achievements transformation, research and development public services and other aspects, MicroPowers Ltd. applied for the establishment of Shanghai Stirling Engine Engineering Technology Research Center, the construction of which was prepared with the approval of Shanghai ScienceCommission in October, 2013.

According to the construction requirements of Shanghai Engineering Technology Research Center, the Stirling Engine Engineering Center established the operating mechanism of the system of the director responsibility under the guidance of the board of directors, with five subsidiary specialized laboratories. Academician Jin Donghan serves as Chairman of the Stirling Engine Engineering Center. The directors of the Stirling Engine Engineering Center include Vice Director Chen Jin and Vice Director He Zhijian of SMDERI, deputy chief engineer Gu Genxiang, and Wu Xiaoyun, General Manager of MicroPowers Ltd. The Technical Committee of the Stirling Engine Engineering Center is composed of famous scholars and experts in the industry. Zhang Wenping, professor of Harbin Shipbuilding University, serves as the director. Pan Weiming, professor of SMDERI, serves as the vice director. Yang Jianguo, professor of Wuhan University of Technology, Qiao Xinqi, professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sun Daming, associate professor of Zhejiang University, Feng Mingzhi, deputy chief engineer and researcher of SMDERI, and Lin Zhimin, deputy chief engineer and researcher of SMDERI, serve as the members. The board of directors appointed Jin Yongxing as director of the Center.

Since the day of preparing for its construction, the Engineering Center always adheres to the objective of promoting scientific and technological innovations, attaches importance to the construction of innovative platform, actively conduct technical research on the engineering technology related to the Stirling Engine, and promotes the development of the general key technologies in the industry. Through two years of construction, the Engineering Center, relying on MicroPowers Ltd., has become the Stirling engine technology application demonstration base and industrialization center which is first class in China and advanced in the world, has cultivated large number of inter-disciplinary talents who master the development technology of Stirling engines, and has provided an important safeguard for the scientific research development, technology innovation and industrialization development related to Stirling engines in China. The construction project is expected to be accepted at the end of 2015.

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