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Female Employees of MicroPowers Ltd. Happily Celebrate the International Working Women's Day


Tasting tea in the rain and having free talks in the garden, the International Working Women's Day was celebrated so warmly.

In the afternoon of 8th March, in an organic farm in Nanhui District, there were continuous cheerful chatting and laughing. The female employees of the Company gathered together in high spirits in the garden. They learned the vegetable planting, poultry breeding as well as rabbit and goat raising, etc., appreciated ornamental horticulture, enjoyed a healthy life, and had a sweet holiday.

What is more memorable, they went to the beautiful nature, relaxed themselves physically and mentally and shared good-fellowship: they exchanged all kinds of cooking skills; shared their feeling and experience of practicing yoga and keeping fit; burst out continuous cheerful chatting and laughing as well as brilliant humors; decorated the garden into a place full of blossoming flowers overflowing with vigor; and showed happy smiles on their faces.

On March 8 every year, the company will send congratulations to the female employees, organized related activities, thank the female employees for their contributions to the Company, and encourage them to play a greater role in the work. Some enthusiastic female employees would jointly contribute their ideas, and assist in organizing activities, which reflected the mental outlook of the female employees in unity and cooperation, solidarity and friendship. When it was raining hard, the female employees helped each other and accompanied each other to embark on return trip.
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