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"Further Study for Career Development, Advancing with Books"


Recently, the Youth League Branch organized the Reading Series Activities of the Young Employees of MicroPowers Ltd. The theme of the first session is "Further Study for Career Development, Advancing with Books".

This activity was a new attempt of the Youth League Branch on reading activities. The Youth League Branch adopted the way of "good books recommending + audience' voting", on the one hand, encouraged young employees to read good books and to share these books to all their colleagues; on the other hand, added the session of audience' voting and enhanced participation, which were more conducive to grasping the ideological trend of young employees. A total of 33 people participated in this activity. Among others, 11 colleagues enthusiastically recommended books, which were warmly welcomed by other people.

On the scene of the activity, the speeches of the persons who recommended books were brilliant. In the audience, some people showed thinking faces; some people nodded their heads approvingly. The humorous language of the persons who recommended books also frequently amused the audience. The atmosphere on the scene was really lively.

Through spot voting selection, Fortress Besieged was selected as the most popular book with the largest number of votes. In the end of the activity, Secretary You Jianhua delivered a speech, fully affirmed the wonderful performance of the persons who recommended books in this activity, and set out his hopes to the young employees in the audience, encouraging them to read good books in their spare time and making progress on their road of growing-up.

In this activity, the recommended books included: Fortress Besieged, The Entrepreneurs who Influence the Entrepreneurs, Collapse of the Chinese Imperial Court, Constitution Regimen of the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, The Effective Executive, Five Journeys of Zhang Defen's Soul, The Conquest of Happiness, Amitabha Cute Expressions, Capital in the Twenty-First Century, Inevitability, A Message to Garcia.
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