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R & D platform and capability

The Company is an international well-known enterprise engaged in the research, development, marketing and application of the heat engine (Sterling engine), and masters the core technology of the heat engine (Sterling engine). The Company has the capabilities in the design, manufacturing, testing, marketing and promotion of the whole Sterling engine.

The Company has a professional Sterling engine development team which has complete expertise and rich experience, covering such subjects as thermal energy and power engineering, mechanical design, power electronics, automation control and software engineering. The team includes one academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, two experts who enjoy special government allowances of the State Council and three doctoral supervisors. The employees who are masters or above and senior engineers respectively account for 30% and 20% of all the employees in service.

The technology research and development tools at the level of software construction mainly include collaborative design platform and collaborative simulation platform, which can conduct three dimensional modeling, numerical analysis, performance simulation, assembly simulation and other professional work, greatly enhancing the developer's R & D capabilities.
At the construction level of hardware conditions, the Company has the general machinery processing equipment with complete technologies, advanced numerical control processing equipment, precision grinding equipment, special processing equipment and special power equipment integrated assembly equipment, has the processing and manufacturing capabilities and the laboratories which is integrated with machine, electricity and heat and has professional supporting and first class facilities, and has established specialized research and testing bases. The Company also has the biomass anaerobic test chamber, ventilation air methane testing device, mobile sludge anaerobic testing device and landfill gas pumping testing device, etc., which are related to the energy saving and environmental protection industry.
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