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Key projects

National-level projects undertaken by the Company mainly include:
(1)National 863 Plan project (project No. : 2006AA05Z245)
Research on the Application of Natural Gas and Garbage Landfill Gas Used in Stirling Engine Power Generation
(2)National Natural Science Foundation of China (project No. : 50776083)
Atomizing and Combustion Mechanism Research of Stirling Engine
(3)National Natural Science Foundation of China (project No. : 59776002)
Simulation study on the dynamic characteristics of four cylinder double-acting Stirling engine
(4)Specialized Technological Development Project
Batch Production and Application of Stirling Engine Joint Provision System of Heat and Electricity with Combustible Gas
(5)State Oceanic Administration Special Supporting for Marine Renewable Energy Project
Demonstration Project of Marine Renewable Energy Power Generation System in Shengshan Island, Zhejiang

Shanghai's projects undertaken by the Company:
(1)Key Technological Breakthrough Project of Shanghai
Key Technology Research and Demonstration of Stirling Engine Which Uses the Natural Gas
Research and Demonstration of Key Technologies of Low-carbon Energy Supply in Hongqiao Business Area
Biogas Pre-treatment and Power Generation System Research
Key Technology Research and Demonstration of 25kW Stirling engine Dish Solar Thermal Power Generation
Key Technology Research and Demonstration of Comprehensive Utilization of Chongming Eco-island area solid waste biomass
Technology Research of Dish Solar Thermal Power Cluster Power Generation

(2)Project Funded by Phosphor Plan of Shanghai Science Commission
Simulation of Double-acting Stirling Engine Performance
Research on the uniformity of the Stirling engine cycle
High pressure combustion technology
Diesel+ Oxygen Combustion System Control Optimization Of Stirling Engine
Key Technology of Small-scale Free Pistol Stirling Engine Power Generator
Key Technology of External Combustion System Used in Stirling Engine Which Consumes the Recycling Garbage Landfill Gas
Comprehensive Energy Utilization Technology in Sludge Treatment
Key Technology of Energy Recovery of Low-Concentration Vespene Gas

(3)Shanghai Science and Technology Talents Plan
Key Technology Research and Demonstration of Dish Solar Thermal Power Generation
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