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Invention Model Patent(8)
A kind of Oil-free lubrication sealing module used in position road of gas compressor( Patent No.: 03116104.9)
A kind of precision type flow-regulating valve (Patent No. : 03151230.5)
A kind of heterotype twist heat exchanger core (Patent No. : 200310108326.8)
A kind of corrosion-resistant cylinder liner for engine use (Patent No. : 200410015882.5)

Utility patents(30)
A kind of Stirling engine used burner(Patent No. : 200620046826.2)
A kind of unit cooler for Stirling engine(Patent No. : 200620044248.9)

Appearance patents(3)
Stirling Engine Model(Patent No. : 200530035288.8)
Stirling Engine Model(Patent No. : 200530035289.2)

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