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Development of New Products

I、1kW combined heat and power equipment for domestic Stirling engine

1kW domestic Stirling engine can output 1kW electric power and 6kW-12kW thermal power at the same time, reducing household electricity bills while meeting the hot water needs of the average family.

The MCHP system of the Company is currently in the late stage of technology research and development and it will enter the commercial testing and application.

II、Wave energy power generation systems

There are various forms of wave energy power generation systems, mainly including oscillating water column type, mechanical type and water flow type. According to the characteristics of wave in Chinese sea area, various types of mechanical wave energy generation systems are the most promising. The mechanical type is to use the motion of the wave to propel the moving parts of the device, such as the duck body, float and swing plate, and then convert the mechanical energy into the electrical energy through intermediate medium or mechanism.

The dispensing of the buoyant pendulum wave power generation system involves a large number of submarine foundation constructions. In contrast, float type power generation system needs smaller investment, is suitable for small power generation, and can be distributed in many places in the same sea area.

浮力摆式 点吸收式

III、Marine LNG dual fuel power system

As new international conventions and norms continuously take effect, Global shipping industry will face increasingly stringent indicators on the pollution and emissions, which will promote the rapid development of the energy saving and emission reduction technology in the shipping industry. The advantages in energy saving and environmental protection and the economic benefits arising from the new energy application technology represented by LNG has become increasingly significant. Its application and promotion in the shipping transportation industry, especially in inland navigation vessels, has been inevitable. Therefore, in recent years, the LNG dual fuel power system has been favored by more and more ship owners.

Marine LNG dual fuel power system is composed of natural gas supply system, control system, fuel engine system, safety monitoring system and ventilation fire control system.

Exclusive advantageous technology

LNG storage tank technology

Carburetor technology

Cryogenic valve group technology

Control and monitoring technology

Gas supply security and fire control technology

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