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Basic Information

The Special Engine Branch of Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines (hereinafter referred to as the "SEB-CSICE") was founded in June, 1991. The secretariat of the SEB-CSICE is affiliated to SMDERI of CSIC. The SEB-CSICE is subordinate to Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines and accepts the leadership, supervision and management of Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines.

Background of the establishment of the SEB-CSICE: There are various types of special engines and special application occasions, which restricts the communication between the workers engaged in special engines. With the continual progress and extensive applications of special engine technology, the technology and applications of various types of special engines are sometimes overlapped, so it is urgently necessary to establish an open and diverse communication platform.

Purpose of the SEB-CSICE: Centering on the academic research and engineering applications of special engines, establish a cross-industry and multi-disciplinary technical exchange platform, conduct various forms of academic exchanges, invigorate academic ideas, promote the cultivation of specialized scientific and technical personnel, push forward scientific and technological progress and coordinated development of special engines and related industries, and serve the construction of national economy.

Business scope of the SEB-CSICE: Conduct academic exchanges on special engine technology so as to improve the academic theoretical level and practical ability of the scientific and technical personnel in special engines and related industries; conduct international academic exchanges, and develop friendly exchanges with foreign scientific and technical groups and scientific and technical workers in special engines and related industries; and organize seminars on important technical issues of special engines.

Sources of funding of the SEB-CSICE:

1 、Membership dues paid by member units;
2 、 Grants and donations from relevant units, groups and individuals;
3 、Financial grant from Chinese Society for Internal Combustion Engines;
4 、Other legitimate income。

Address and contact:

E-mail :zhuchenyuan01@163.com

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